ONE Curriculum

ONE Curriculum

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As Christians we are members of one spiritual family, pursuing one God, redeemed and rescued by one Savior. But we're also from different races and different cultures, and we're influenced by a world that is marked by division. How should the church respond? What is our role as followers of Christ?

In this four-week study you'll learn how our reconciliation with God through Christ equips us to be the voice of reconciliation in our world, how we can grow in freedom from prejudice, how to engage with politics, and how to show love in our daily lives. With biblical teaching and honest conversation, ONE gives you practical tools to help your church discuss the tough issues of race and culture in ways that honor God and build unity.

Study Kit includes:

  • 1 Workbook
  • 1 Small Group DVD (training and town hall sessions)
  • 1 Series Set

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