10 Series Download

10 Series Download

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Pastor Dennis challenges all believers to ask, "Am I just doing 'the church thing' or am I passionately pursuing what it really means to be a fully committed disciple of Christ?" Within this series, we go on an engaging journey to discover this answer. Learn about 10 distinctive qualities that one needs to go from being a believer to a disciple and how to develop them. 

Digital download of this 10-part series to include:

  • Passionately Committed to Jesus Christ Dennis Rouse
  • Extraordinary Love for People Dennis Rouse
  • The Heart of a Servant Montell Jordan
  • Sensitive and Submitted to the Holy Spirit Dennis Rouse
  • Governed by the Authority of God's Word Dennis Rouse
  • Lives Morally Pure Johnson Bowie
  • Evangelistically Bold Dennis Rouse
  • Engages in Biblical Community Johnson Bowie
  • Just and Generous Dennis Rouse
  • Lives on Purpose Dennis Rouse