One: Healing the Racial Divide
One: Healing the Racial Divide

One: Healing the Racial Divide

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What does it take to build a ‘kingdom culture’?

In his timely and compelling new book, pastor and author Dennis Rouse uncovers evidence of the racial inequalities that have plagued the United States and confronts the ways the white-majority church has—often unknowingly—ignored and even supported systems that have brought suffering to their brothers and sisters of color. 

Rouse challenges readers to examine these issues in the light of Scripture, calling the church to build a ‘kingdom culture’ that transcends biases, preferences and even political loyalties and instead fosters unity and healing in the body of Christ. 

Having lived in the South and led a multi-ethnic church in the Atlanta area for three decades, Rouse reflects on his own cultural baggage and transparently shares his journey of listening, learning and even repenting for historic wrongs whose repercussions affected the lives of those he loved. 

Well-researched and written with both grace and conviction, One is not simply a critique of racism and injustice, but a call to action to build bridges of reconciliation on both personal and community levels that reflect the beauty of the gospel in a broken world.
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